Sunday, August 15, 2010


Here are some photos of Zurich, it was my home for 15 years and I still feel a deep attachment to this wonderful city. Mostly I lived inThalwil - but I also lived in Munstergasse in the enchanting Niederdorf when I was at University. These photos have been taken in the last couple of years when I came for very short and nostalgic visits - and it rained!  Nevertheless I basked in the memories of an impressionable time.
Zurich University was the epitome of happiness - I was ecstatic to be accepted and registered as a student to study Ethnology, Psychology and Folk History. I lived in Zug (near Lucerne) for a year when I worked as a nursing auxilliary at Burgerspital, which was located on the lake of Zug - what a beautiful sight with glorious sunsets -  I saw every evening from the hospital windows.

A misty rainy day but beautiful view from the University. You can take the Polybahn up to the University and look over Zurich.

An evening view of the Limmat and the bridge that I know so well

This is the on the Bridge  -  a very rainy day!

I remember going to the Alpli Bar with Daniel and having their special fluffy drink of milk, raw egg and brandy

This is near The TurlerSee, where I was walking with Denise when I visited last year

This is the lovely place called Stein am Rhein

OK....... no more misty rainy photos of Zurich ......Zurich really is sunny, green, colourful and gorgeous in summer. Switzerland has so much crispy snowy beauty during winter in the mountains.


Heather Stone said...

Beautiful Pictures!

Charmiene's Books said...

Thanks so much Heather - and for your deeply appreciated help in getting my blog going!!