Saturday, September 4, 2010


I was born in Axminster, Devon - England - before leaving for East Africa at 6 weeks old!

My family still live in England and I consider it to be my home and 'my roots' even though I seem to have travelled, lived and worked in other countries.

I love England and here are some photos that I recently took, because for the last two years photography has become a great passion! I find it soothing, uplifting and such a wonderful way to express one's heart.

This is the beach in Budleigh Salterton, it is a lovely pebbly beach with a wildlife sanctuary of marshes nearby where the birds and wildlife are protected.

This is the lovely Exeter Quay, where swans float and glide along the river and walk around with their baby cygnets on the grass.

This photo is in Instow, North Devon - it is a lovely place with a lot of historic and old world cottages. Across the bay is Appledore.

This is called Blackbury Camp, it is near Beer (seaside village/town) and you have to drive down a small country lane to reach this place - and when you get there it is an enchanting sanctuary where the bluebells carpet the woods in Springtime. It is wonderful to be there. This locarion is also an ancient and sacred place in the Iron Age times.

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