Monday, August 9, 2010


Hello, this is my book of narratives about America. Some observations and insights while living in Hawaii, Alaska, San Diego and Seattle. Alaska is one of those magnificent places where nature showers one with beauty and strength. My story about Mount Susitna, known loaclly as 'The Sleeping Lady' is still one of my favorites. My beautiful Sheltie dog, gave me love and joy. I named her 'Passion because Alaska is a land filled with passion.

The fragrance, music and colours in the tropical paradise of Hawaii makes the heart dance! Plumeria blossom, will always have a place in my memories. The indigenous and spiritual connection with nature, touches one's soul in this enchanting land. Pele, the majestic Goddess of fire resides on The Big Island.

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Carole said...

I have just ordered this from Lulu. I just know I shall enjoy it as much as your other books which I have read.

Carole said...

I have just finished reading this book. I agree with so much that you write in the chapter about Disappointment. It is so hard sometimes to get beyond our own thoughts & see the "Big picture". It isn't about what we get from life but what we can give in gratitude for just being here. It is such a blessing to wake each morning with anticipation of what may happen.

Charmiene's Books said...

Thankyou so much Carole, I really appreciate you ordering my book and so glad you found it interesting!!