Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I would like to tell you about the first book I wrote while living on Dartmoor very near Haytor, in a beautiful rustic house that had no heating so we relied on a log fire. It was a really cold winter with snow everywhere so my arctic jacket  from Alaska came in very handy.  I used to walk through the woods with Scott (Leland) to the nearby pub called The Rock Inn, where we had tea and beer and some chips (french fries) while sitting by a huge log fire. On one of those evenings, when walking back to the house I felt  transported into another dimension - there seemed to be an enchanting circle around a big tree where fairies gathered.  No......I wasn't drunk (ha!).
We had just bought our first computer in 1991, and thanks to Scott's dedicated ability to learn new things and share that knowledge with me - I began writing on this computer! That was the start of my writing adventures. The computer was a catalyst for me to write books where I found myself in a wonderful sanctuary of timelessness.  My first book was about a fairy called Araminta. The book seemed to write itself as it flowed from my hands onto the computer screen. I felt very excited especially because writing seemed to flow like a river flowing to the ocean, it wasn't any effort. I enjoyed it so much that it became a form of meditation for me.

Araminta is a fairy who comes to planet earth, to share insights and information about her fairy world.  Initially I named this book 'The real truth about fairies' - because I felt that I was writing directly from the fairy world. Some may all it channeling. I have no lable for this flowing of energy except to say that it was an inspiring experience for me to write this book. I have since been researching some scientific discoveries about the cosmos, universe and the newly discovered 11th dimension; so this gave me a lot of food for thought after I had written my book, which I later re-named
'Araminta's Message - A communique from the Enchanted world of Fairies'

This book has gone through several revisions and now it is ready to fly into the world.  I wrote to a few publishers with no results, so I finally self-published on LULU.
You can see my book at this link:


It is also available on amazon.com by doing a search for my name: Charmiene Maxwell-Batten on the amazon site.

I would be so very grateful for any review or ratings that you could post for me on LULU or amazon.com

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