Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reflections of Childhood

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This is my Dad at Lake Victoria in Kampala, where we all swam and by doing so,  contracted the illness Bil Harzia, which was cured at the London hospital of Tropical diseases a few years later.

HELLO, while I was working as a caregiver in England I took care of an elderly lady in Henley on Thames and during my time off I sat with my lap top computer and wrote a book about my childhood reflections. Though I was born in Axminster in England, at 6 weeks old I moved to East Africa. My father was offered a fantastic job as an agricultural consultant and inspector in the coffee industry. He loved his 'safari' life, driving out to coffee plantations so that he could inspect and grade the coffee beans. I remember going with him a few times and to this day those recollections are exciting and memorable. My dad loved his life there - and I think he was the happiest that I have ever known him; after moving back to England when I was 8 years old - dad's life never seemed so fulfilling. My mother on the other hand, pined for England and that was the deciding factor. We lived between England and Africa for the first 8 years of my life, so I have some adventurous memories of air travel in the 1950's. There was one time we couldn't land in Cairo because people were shooting at the airplanes, so we continued on to the next airport. Flights in those days had to make numerous stops to refuel. We left London and stopped in Paris to refuel, then in Cairo, Benghazi and onto to Kampala.   I think we even stopped in Rome on a  couple of those  flights to Africa.
It was also during that time that Idi Ahmin began to oust the Europeans from this country and as we lived in Kampala, Uganda - there began a precarious time for us. 

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sorry this is not upright - we lived on the Equator line so it was an exciting thing to see this sign


Carole said...

I stood on that line back in May, when I visited my family, who are working in Kabale, Uganda. I really enjoyed following your childhood in Kampala & beyond, while I was out there.

Charmiene's Books said...

Thanks for your comment Carole; I know your recent trip to Kampala was exciting and filled with a variety of amazing experiences

Savina Cavallo said...

You have such an interesting life Charmiene and so many stories to share. It's a wonderful idea you write books about your adventures.

Charmiene's Books said...

Thankyou Savina, I appreciate your comment - yes writing has become a passion for me and I love it; I have yet to figure out the marketing aspect of my books - I'm learning!