Sunday, September 12, 2010



I have recently joined a site called RedBubble, which has given me an opportunity to showcase my photographs.  I fell in love with photography about 2 years ago when I needed some photos for my book covers and my books themselves. I began with a simple inexpensive phone camera and now I use a dijital point and shoot Lumix camera.

My photos are for sale as greeting cards and framed prints.

 I am also getting ready to approach various Animal protection charities in San Antonio Texas because I would like to donate some of the earnings from my photography and books towards the protection of animals.   I am sad to say that in Texas, dogs and all animals are officially treated as possessions -  in the same category as furniture and  owning your furniture is the same as 'owning' a dog.  Dogs are not considered to be living (loving) beings with a heartbeat.  There are so many stray dogs around San Antonio and the culture appears to accept that as being acceptable.  Dogs are left in back yards in all weather and I have asked myself why people even have a dog - well the answer is - it is a cheap alarm system and when this alarm system breaks down - it is easily replaced with a new one

Besides my passion for photography and writing and gardening, I have a passion to try and ease the plight of dogs and offer assistance to those organisations that dedicate themselves to educating and rescuing abused pets.


Anonymous said...

Charmienne...Sita as i know you!I appreciate your work both the writings and photography.YOU are special!I love reading your books...will randomly pick one up and it is "just what i needed to read!".Your books reflect your passion for nature/people/life/animals.Also,with your pictures,i myself am able to take "me" there...a sojourn to a quiet restful and tranquil scene-soaking the immense beauty...almost like seeing with my ears and hearing with my eyes!!
love all your work!THANKYOU!
Naina Pitamber

Charmiene's Books said...

Thankyou so much Naina, I really appreciate your support!

Laura said...

I wish you many sales on Redbubble Charmiene, and the best of luck with your wonderful books :)
Laura, from Redbubble.