Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Friday we will lose our beloved Kali, she will fall asleep and fly to a heavenly realm - yes!. she was diagnosed with terminal cancer 3 weeks ago and 10 days ago she lost the use of her legs. It has been a very painful time to see her in distress and we have all been unable to sleep much. Here is a picture of her when we moved to Texas 6 years ago - she loved Seattle with the big green dog parks and she was allowed to come on the bus with us - Seattle loves dogs. Even though she really enjoyed having her own garden here in San Antonio, and chasing the squirrels - San Antonio is a place where many people generally don't value the beautiful souls that dogs have. Many people here don't understand the unconditional love that a dog can give - maybe one day they will understand the God given gift that dogs are in this world. But for now, we see stray dogs and dogs kept in back yards and used as alarm systems.

We have our wonderful dog 'Spirit' who joined our family 4 months ago and he is like an angel, so tender and gentle with Kali. He is also a Shetland Sheepdog like kali, and they look very similar.

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mary etta said...

i am so sorry at your loss dear friend...what a beautiful dog he was, he looks like a border collie, i have a standard rough collie, they are both such loyal and smart dogs.
love and hugs
mary etta